The most amazing part of the yoga practices for me is the alchemizing power of alignment. And we have the opportunity to practice this both on and off the mat in our body, mind, heart and life.
Body: by the practice of yoga postures.
Mind: through yogic breathing, one pointed focus, meditation.
Heart: by cultivating a good attitude, or feelng.
Life: by practicing the ethical and moral codes of yoga including: non-violence,
truthfulness, non-stealing, non-excess, non-possesiveness, purity, contentment,
self-discipline, self study, and surrender.


Monday Mixed Levels 1+ / 2 6:00-7:30pm Camp Cochipianne Goshen
Wednesday Level 1 10:00-11:15am Camp Cochipianne Goshen
Thursday Yoga Flow 5:30-7:00pm Rumsey Hall Washington
Saturday Yoga Workshops & Mind/Body/Life Coaching Events in person and on-line
Sunday Level 2 9:00-10:30am Ellis' Barn New Preston

* Classes are by permission only; drop-ins must email or call for confirmation
* Contact:, 860.491.4063

                                       Private Yoga or Private Yoga Therapy
Whether you are new at yoga or have been doing yoga for decades-having your own private yoga time is extremely important! This skilled “private eye” can help you prevent future pain or injury by enhancing your understanding, rechecking your alignment and offering you your own personal body blueprint for future health and healing. It can also bring clarity and inspiration to your already existing practice. Treat yourself!

                                                          Level 1 Class:
Provides an introduction to the alignment, form, breathing and spirit of the practice. Those new to yoga or ongoing students alike may enjoy “going back to basics”!

                                                      Mixed Levels Class:
For ongoing yoga students with atleast a year of consistent yoga practice and familiarity with basics. Different variations and modifications of each poses will be offered to suit each student's individual level and needs. Students will learn to refine and deepen their already life enhancing practice.

                                                       Yoga Flow Class:
A continuous flowing sequence that weaves breath and movement in a prayerful flowing meditation in action. Students with previous yoga experience recommended.

                                                           Level 2 Class:
For continuing students with consistency of practice and lightheartedness. New variations of poses will be introduced along with pranayama (controlled breathing) and dhyana (meditation).

Sarala Jan Troy MEdu; RYT-500; is a Certified Anusara & Iyengar Yoga teacher and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She helps people discover their “inner wisdom”. It always knows the best job, relationship, diet, exercise, doctor or “chocolate" to choose! And its' amazing grace brings healing in times of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strife. Sarala specializes in Mind/Body Coaching offering: gentle yoga postures, mindful meditation, expanded breathing, sound healing, chakra balancing and life coaching tools -that help align your body, mind and life to make the ordinary extraordinary!

“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity” BKS Iyengar

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