Amazement, a feeling of great surprise or wonder
Alignment, arrangement or proper placement of something
Alchemy, the process or act of transforming something common into something special


Most of Sarala’s coaching is done on an individual basis but she loves to share some life changing tools in workshops and on-line courses as well. This gives people an opportunity to taste the benefits of this incredible practice.

Here are some of the workshops and on-line seminars she does:

“How to use your Body as a Compass”:
   Feeling your way to your best life.

“True Self versus Social Self”:
   Learning how to take off our masks and live our true life.

“The 3 B’s of decision making”:
   How to quickly make the best decision.

“Becoming Your Own Lie Detector”:
   The transformative practice of finding your truth.

“Making Friends With Your Lizzard Brain”:
   Building new neuro pathways in your brain, that bring freedom and peace of mind.

“The Kindness Process”:
   Learning a daily check in for your body, mind, and emotions that will allow you to hear your "inner    wisdom" or truth.

“How to Safely Feel Your Emotions”:
   Learning a great tool for giving your emotions a voice. They are one of the most important messengers    to promote good health and healing.

"Re-Connecting to Your Soul”:
   Discovering fun practices that help you reconnect to your inner wisdom guide.

Sarala Jan Troy MEdu; RYT-500; is a Certified Anusara & Iyengar Yoga teacher and a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She helps people discover their “inner wisdom”. It always knows the best job, relationship, diet, exercise, doctor or “chocolate" to choose! And its' amazing grace brings healing in times of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual strife. Sarala specializes in Mind/Body Coaching offering: gentle yoga postures, mindful meditation, expanded breathing, sound healing, chakra balancing and life coaching tools -that help align your body, mind and life to make the ordinary extraordinary!



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